Thank you to our community!

We are incredibly touched by the many families in our community who are reaching out to lift one another. We have received many calls and emails about how families can help make a donation for lunch account deficits. At this time, families who desire to make a donation to Lakeview Academy may do so by check made out to Lakeview Academy. You should write on the memo line that you wish for your donation to be applied towards general lunch deficit. Online payment may be available soon. Thank you for considering how you are able to help.

We feel it would also be helpful for the community to understand how we handle lunch account balances at Lakeview Academy. We are not a school under the Alpine School District and therefore have our own procedures on how to address this situation, which differs in several ways. We have for many years followed a procedure that does not withhold a full lunch from any student or make the student feel that like they are in the wrong. We understand that finances are the responsibility of the adults in these children's lives. Therefore, any student who desires to eat a school lunch can do so. They do not have to call home, their hands don't get stamped and they certainly are not given a mini lunch. Our school office staff work with the students guardian to balance the students lunch account. This does mean that we may have a higher level of deficit accounts, but most of our families work with the school to pay off those accounts by the end of the school year. We do have families who have a financial need and any donations brought into the school will be used to best meet those burdens.

Thank you again for your great love towards these amazing children and best wishes to you and your family this time of year.

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