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202 Benefits and Leave Policy


Policy Type: Required

Policy Title: Benefits and Leave

Effective: February 9, 2017



Full-time Employee: Any employee whose employment agreement requires a minimum of 30 hours of work per week during the school year.


Day: The amount of time an employee’s employment agreement requires in a 24 hour period. For example, if an employee is required to work 4 hours a day according to their employment agreement, then a day equals 4 hours.


Immediate family: Spouse, child or stepchild (including in-laws), parents or stepparents (including in-laws), siblings or stepsiblings (including in-laws), grandparents (including great grandparents and in-laws), and grandchildren or step-grandchildren.  Special circumstances may be appealed to the Director for consideration of immediate family status.


School Year: A total of no more than 187 teaching days, plus up to 10 additional in-service and/or testing days in a fiscal year. See the school calendar for the current year for additional details.


Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30.


Mid-term Employee: Any employee hired after a school year has started.  Mid-term employees will receive benefits and leave on a prorated basis for the remainder of the school year.



Health Insurance Benefits

Insurance benefits are available to all full-time Lakeview Academy employees.  Benefits are subject to change and benefit documentation will be distributed to all employees at the beginning of each school year.

Cessation of Benefits Upon Termination

Regular insurance benefits cease on the last day of the month in which employment is terminated.  Insurance benefits will be in effect during the summer months for returning employees.  In the event an employee does not return after the summer break, benefits will terminate retroactively on the last day of the fulfilled employment agreement.  That employee will be liable to Lakeview Academy for the entire cost of benefits paid on the employee’s behalf beyond the fulfilled employment agreement.  


Additional Insurance Benefits

Employees may elect to purchase additional insurances at their own cost.


Salary and Wages

Pay increases will be determined on an annual basis pending state legislative funding.


Retirement Benefits

A defined contribution retirement plan will be offered to employees based on hours worked. Competitive contribution rates and employee eligibility are defined by the retirement plan document, according to administrative procedure. The current employer contribution rate is equal to 7% of employee earnings.   Lakeview Academy maintains the right to make changes to the employer contribution rate at any time, in order to maintain budget requirements set by the law, board policy, or bond requirements.

  1. Employee Classifications:

    1. Tier One: Employees scheduled to work less than 1,000 hours during the fiscal year.  

    2. Tier Two: Employees scheduled to work over 1,000, but less than 1,400, hours during the fiscal year.

    3. Tier Three: Employees scheduled to work over 1,400 hours during the fiscal year.


  1. Eligibility:

    1. Tier One: Employees are not be eligible to participate in the retirement plan.

    2. Tier Two: Employees are eligible to participate in the retirement plan for employee contributions only.

    3. Tier Three: Employees are eligible to participate in the retirement plan.  Lakeview Academy will make an employer contribution on the employee’s behalf.  




Personal Leave

Full-time employees of Lakeview Academy will receive 10 days of paid personal leave per school year. Part-time certified employees will receive prorated paid personal leave based on the work hours outlined in their employment agreement. Full-time employees who work a 12 month schedule will receive 12 days of paid personal leave per year, due to their extended work schedule. Mid-term employees will receive prorated personal leave based on the days remaining in the school year.


Administration will develop a written procedure outlining how half days and hour increments of personal leave are administered and accounted for.


Using Personal Leave
Except in unusual circumstances, or unexpected illness, prior notification must be given to the immediate supervisor at least one day in advance.

Personal leave may only be taken the day before or after a school holiday or during the first five days and last five days that students are in school for the following reasons:

  1. Observance of religious holidays which fall on a regularly scheduled school calendar work day.

  2. Weddings of immediate family.

  3. Graduations of immediate family.

  4. Required court appearances.

  5. Funerals for a death not covered by bereavement leave.

  6. Conferences and conventions which relate to the individual employee's work assignment and are not covered by professional leave.

  7. Illness

  8. Other extenuating circumstances, with prior approval from the Director.


Use of personal leave days is discouraged during parent/teacher conferences and professional development days. The employee must obtain prior approval from the Director if use of personal leave is necessary during one of these events.


Current year’s personal leave must be used prior to using any accumulated personal leave (leave that has been carried over from prior years).


Personal Leave Donation, Payout, and Carryover

Personal leave days (current or accumulated) may be donated to another full-time or certified part-time employee for emergencies, with director approval.


At the conclusion of the annual employment agreement, employees may choose to do one of the following with any unused personal leave accrued in that school year:

  1. Elect to be paid out (at the rate of the cost of a substitute).

  2. Elect to carry over unused personal leave (employees may not accumulate more than 50 days of personal leave).

  3. Elect to be paid out for a portion of unused personal leave and carryover the remaining portion of unused personal leave, following the procedures outlined by the Director.


Use of accumulated personal leave (leave that has been carried over from prior years) must be approved by the Director and will not be paid out at the end of a school year or at termination of employment.


Bereavement Leave   

In the event of a death in the immediate family, an employee may be granted bereavement leave according to the following guidelines.

  1. Employees may be granted up to 5 days bereavement leave without pay deduction in the event of the death of a spouse or child.

  2. Employees may be granted up to 3 days bereavement leave without pay deduction in the event of the death of any other immediate family member.

  3. Two additional days of bereavement leave may be granted if travel time is needed. Travel must be in excess of 350 miles one way to qualify for additional days. Employees must provide travel verification information to their immediate supervisor.

  4. If the death of an employee's mother or father results in the loss of the only remaining parent, up to 3 additional personal leave days may be taken to deal with estate issues. The 3 additional days must be taken within one calendar year of the parent's death.


Jury or Witness Duty

Employees are required to provide the Director with copies of court notices or subpoenas as soon as possible after receiving such notification. Lakeview Academy will pay an employee equivalent to their regular pay during the jury or witness leave period. Any amount paid to the employee for service as a juror or witness, excluding mileage, will be deducted from the employee's regular pay. Leave time will be documented under the heading "Jury Duty" or "Witness in Court" on the Absence Record form.

This policy does not apply to an employee who is party to litigation.


Military Leave

Lakeview Academy will adhere to all state and federal guidelines regarding military leave.


Family and Medical Leave

Employees may take unpaid leave per the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act.


Notification of Absence

Employees must notify the office no later than 7:00AM the day of the absence. In the event of an emergency, employees must notify the office as soon as possible.


Motion 020917-6

This policy replaces motions 072706-02, 050808-06, 06040911, 080111-2, 080411-3, 010512-3, 040514-4, and 010914-4.



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