The Site Advisory Council is to provide the Director(s) of Lakeview Academy and the staff with the necessary support in fulfilling their responsibilities to the Board of Trustees and stakeholders of Lakeview Academy. SAC accomplishes this through coordination and recommendations. Final approval for all events, activities, curriculum changes (additions, deletions or supplements) rests with either the Director(s) and or the Board of Trustees. The council further develops and executes their areas of responsibility in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the school and in accordance with any specific guidelines or directions passed down by the Director(s) from the Board of Trustees. 

SAC 2017-2018

2017-2018 Site Advisory Committee-SAC

Left to Right, Back Row

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Serena Mease

Elementary Teacher Representative: Lisa Heath

Clubs Advisor: Lisa Jensen

Sports Director: Becca Doller

Secretary: Amanda Skinner

President: Sarah Warcup

Middle School Life: Kim Sanderson

Sign Up Genius Coordinator: Erin Proctor

Left to Right, Front Row

Elementary Life: Melissa Diehl

Treasurers: Holly Allen & Allison Warner (not pictured)

Vice-President: Tammy Camp

Box Tops Coordinator on SAC Committee: Lacey Hales

Prideland Apparel: Farrah Johnson

Middle School Teacher Representative: Ruth Young


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